UX Process

We worked in following process to collect user pain points and bring solutions to them


User Research

Strive to understand user problems and needs their own perspective

Contextual Inquiry

Observing user activities in existing application and user environment

Heuristic Analysis

Analysing usability flaws in current product with heuristic rules


Profiles and Persona

Creating user profile from pattern what we captured user interview


A story that tells a situation, motivation and how the user use the products

User Journey Maps

Strive to understand user problems and needs their own perspective



Creating multiple innovative ideas with team for user problems

Focus Group

Involving users and stakeholders gathering ideas for specific topic

Card Sorting

Organizing and grouping content as per user perspective


Task flow diagram

Design flows how the persona user will use your product to achieve goal


Defining information architecture, space allocation, menus and layout the UI

High Fidelity Design

Refining the screens visually into polished with interactive screens


User Testing

Testing and obeserving user when use our Prototype and asking them to think aloud

AB Testing

Testing design options with varous users to bring user feedback

Remote Usability Test

Testing UI with user in user own environment without facilitator by remote tools