Brain Reward System : Influencing Sales and User Experience

Ecommerce people create attitude to buy online products by rewarding and making customer happier.
They are inducing our brain and making addict by understanding human psychology and brain reward system they way how it works

Brain Reward System of the brain are a group of structures which are activated whenever we experience something that is rewarding,
such as eating a nice tasting food, sex, or using an addictive drug and getting special discount on purchase.

Brain Structures which are considered to be a part of this reward system are found along the primary dopamine pathways of the brain. When exposed to a stimulus which is rewarding, the brain responds by releasing an increased amount of dopamine, the main neurotransmitter associated with rewards and pleasure.
Dopamine is involved in encoding the memories associated with a reward, such as understanding how to achieve the experience again.

By the way, Addiction come into place
So this will make us addict in online purchase.
As I said, dopamine is secreted by the brain during many activities that bring about pleasurable feelings, activated the dopamine reward pathways.
Drugs such as stimulants, opioids, ethanol, and nicotine trigger the release of more dopamine in the brain. Opioids and ethanol also increased the rate of cell firing.
Over time, with repeated use of addictive substances, the body becomes reliant on this to maintain rewarding feelings.

So this addictive substance making us to Anticipate pleasurable feelings
As previously discussed, different reward regions and pathways are activated when experiencing a pleasurable stimulus.
The ecommerce people like Amazon, Flipkart have solid understanding of human anticipation of brain rewarding system.

They create special discounts, credit card purchase discount, through seasonal sales campaign to induce your brain rewarding system to
increase sales. They make you addict and anticipate for rewards and discounts to retain with them to purchase more and more.