Masculine Feminine Design

The use of generalizations masculine versus feminine design is about audience expectation and perception what we determine.

There are some elements which makes difference in persuasion of gender


Gender color stereotypes affects user perceptions

Light blue for newborn boys and pink for newborn girls. When they grow, the colors widen to blue, red, and green for boys and pink, purple for girls. According to a study, both males and females stated that blue is their favorite color

Light browns, greys, black and white are all gender-neutral colors

If you are planning a gender-neutral design, use accent colors to balance the feminine and masculine connotations.


Gender roles in typography are easy to notice.  •Feminine fonts are cursive, thin, slanted and smooth.

Masculine fonts have straight lines, sharp edges and geometric lines. Feminine handwritten fonts are usually decorated, masculine ones are geometric and sharp. •We have Gender-Neutral Fonts too
Most popular gender-neutral typeface of all time is Helvetica. Helvetica is a widely used typeface for all types platform design


In terms of websites and graphics, layouts can also have female and masculine connotations.
Straight, sharp lines and shapes are generally masculine.
Curved and sloped are more feminine.
Layout it’s a combination of colors, shapes, typography and images,you know right. All these should be balanced in order to attract the those within your target audience.
You might have noticed how some websites are very feminine. There is a trend of female entrepreneurs using layouts that include pinks, rose gold or turquoise

I know, you are expecting Gender neutral design layout. A great way to research gender-neutral layouts for your designs is to study websites that cater to everyone. Example, Amazon, Ebay or even Google. None of these sites planned gender focused, they manage gender neutral.

Image or photography

Nowadays we see, most of product owner conducting marketing campaign by celebrities and models, are used to match product target audience . When choosing image for your designs, it’s best to pick ones that reflect your customers. Customers like to feel comfortable and understood. Create visual of what you envision your clients and customers doing. The general color rules for the feminine / masculine stereotype can also be applied to photography. The general feel of the photo, the background, the elements and even the clothes that people are wearing in the photo can have an impact.

Speaking UI

Vocal interfaces are becoming more popular every day, especially when Siri and Alexa came out. sound is perceived differently by men and women. We excel in different areas and knowing this could be helpful when designing a perfectly  speaking UI. Women are better listeners to frequencies over 2000hz. On the other hand, men seem to hear better lower frequencies (between 1000 and 2000hz).


Take serious action on what I stated so far , when you design , research and analyze your customer as much detail as possible. Determine your audience group who are men or women or you are planning gender neutral. Define your design stereotypes as per customer perception. Perception varies a lot, and designing a pleasant interface could be challenge if we can’t experience what others are really seeing, listening, or touching.