Brand Building Strategic Approach

A brand commonly known as a product name, organization, or person could deliver a unique service or benefit for its audience. Brands should have unique characteristics and themes to identify by common people. The brand could be evolved through proper market strategy by empathizing with customer needs and pain points. I disclosed brand types, the strategy that needs to be followed and marketing approaches in this article.  

Brand Types:

Majorly brand types could be Business and personal brands. Though a brand is common in its name and delivers some services it has many differences in comparing its vision, goal and business target etc.

Business Brand

Business brands that could bring heavy investment, long target, and return on investment. Business brand will have a common theme like name, image, color which could be adhered everyone who are all related to business. The business brand sets common goal and target audience to reach collaboratively as a team. An important process needs to be followed to understand customer needs and market scope to grow as a leading brand. Through competitive research brand can uncover market needs, and competitor weaknesses then the brand can define its unique value proposition and its revenue stream to succeed in a competitive market. The business brand sets common and strict policies to streamline their work process and people.

Personal Brand

A person can become a brand by selling his/her skills or talents that he possesses. Skill can be any like singing, acting, art, design, and technology, or anything can be sold for monetary or nonmonetary. Consistent talent delivery will increase his presence and popularity in the market which would be leveraged to increase sales.

Approaches to Build brand


Any brand development requires deep market and anthropology research to empathize customer needs and their challenges should be identified. Research would bring opportunities to innovate for its product and services best offerings.


Product or service inventors should strategize to reach the defined goal. The goal should be fulfilled customer needs and it should resolve customer pain points. The product owner should create product/service as fast to deal with customer challenges. They may plan a minimum viable product to test product offerings in the earlier stage. Important factors like critical tasks, target audience, cost, and challenges to complete the features should be defined in the strategy.

Develop Brand Awareness

Personal, and business product owners can increase brand awareness through various marketing campaigns Email, social media, Blog posting, digital and physical banners, etc. The product owner should plan a cost-effective approach to develop market visibility. Mostly physical hoardings and banners may work for digital products. Digital web advertisement can work for physical products and services. The right approach needs to be identified and practiced considering the cost factor.

Brand Identity

Branding material needs to be created which should be simple, and unique and it should convey business values.  Brand identity and theming need to be implemented across all the channels of marketing, company infrastructure, and employee engagement.  Brand colors, and images should adhere business nature, and simulate audience mood to attract to business.

Test your Product or Service Ideas

Product and service ideas needs to be validated in earlier stage before getting into big investment. User experience and usability testing methods like surveys, user interview, user observation and usability testing can be utilized to understand audience expectation and feedbacks. Our ideas can be brainstormed through user group and validate how it can be effective in resolving user pain points and needs.

Implement your Product and Service

Personal or business brand should carry core values that you are going to serve to the audience. Brand owners should have a proper funneled plan which could be implemented constantly. User experience should become seamless to those are utilizing your service or product. The product or service should resolve the audience specific challenges and stay in market as unique to create loyal customers.


Whether personal or business brand should have a clear goal and it needs to be defined well to focus constantly. Product and service ideas are to be tested to get audience feedback and enhance iteratively. The product owner should stick to their ideas to deliver constantly to create a seamless user experience.  The profit of a business or personal brand becomes based on how the business converts the visitor to a customer and becoming as loyal.